Mental Illness Education And Awareness

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Some New Findings on the Difference Between Mental Illness & Being Bipolor in Marriage

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A special week called Mental Illness Awareness Week takes place over the first week in October. Last year various volunteers stated what they thought about this subject.

Below are a few suggestions on mental illness:
  1. Mental Illness Awareness means that people should recognize that the condition is just as real as any of the other physical illnesses.
  2. It usually affects not just the patient but also their families, friends, and communities regardless of the disability type.
  3. It means the education of what the term means, how it can be treated, prevented, as well as how to remove any stigmas attached to it.

Recovery And Education

One of the most important aspects that is related to recovery involves getting better and achieving a satisfying and full life. Education is a way to accelerate the recovery process by broadening the individual’s emotional, social, and intellectual horizons. Also, when doing any kind of movement it helps to have backing from local businesses and leaders in the community.

Mental Illness And Education

When an individual has a mental illness, it can affect and impact the trajectory of their education in various ways. However, today there are various alternate types of academic opportunities for each stage relating to education that enables these individuals to continue their studies when they feel like they are well enough.

For individuals with a mental illness who are in high school and may have had issues when attending public traditional schools, alternative schools provide another option. These alternative schools are different from traditional schools in many ways. These differences will depend on the actual institution. These institution types may offer longer or shorter classes as well as flexibility on handing in assignments. Some of these facilities allow the student to work and attend school simultaneously. One of these school types is called a Continuation School. These are non-traditional schools that provide programs for students who may be on probation, have attendance or disciplinary issues, or may have been expelled from a traditional public school.

Mental Health In Schools

mental illness factsThe initial start relating to mental health conditions typically occurs at the stages of adolescence. Nearly 50% of people who have a mental illness will experience the onset around the ages of fourteen. This figure will exceed 75% when the individual reaches the ages of twenty-four.

There are so many things one can learn about this subject. In fact, even MTV wrote a great article called “11 Lessons We Learned from Mental Illness“.

Around one out of five young adults has mental-health conditions. However, under half of them receive treatment. Untreated, inadequately and undiagnosed mental health conditions have a direct effect on a student’s ability in developing, growing, and learning.

Schools can provide unique opportunities for identifying and treating a number of these conditions in serving the students where they are. The personnel in school play a role in the identification of these early types of warning signs. This can result in linking these students with the effective support and services needed.

NAMI which is an institution that advocates the support and services that the schools require offering “school-based mental health service.” The program aims at bringing trained mental health professionals into the schools to offer care and to link the families to the necessary resources available in their communities. They also offer access to important services and assist in reducing the isolation and confusion that is experienced by children who have a mental health condition.

NAMI supports what is known as the Mental Health In Schools Act. This specific bill offers federal funding, which trains staff in a school on the mental disability problems. This results in the establishment of a comprehensive type of school providing the necessary links that are needed between the mental health system in a community and the schools involved in this particular training.

For more on defending the term “crazy” in relation to mental disability, check out Sarah Griffith Lund‘s awesome Huff Post article.

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